About Susan

I am a Registered Yoga Alliance 500 yoga instructor, a Reiki Master Teacher, Master/Instructor Intergrated Energy Therapist and a certified Rebirther. I work as a full-time instructor at Temple University in the Inscan0002tellectual Heritage Program. My academic background is in comparative literature with an emphasis in the Spanish language. I  studied methodology in urban education and taught in the Chicago Public School system for eight years as a bilingual educator.

As a reiki and IET practitioner and teacher,I encourage people to write about their experiences when they work with these modes of healing and self-awareness. Energy healing helped me learn to meditate more than any class or any yoga training. It comes from wanting a healing peace in the mind. The rest will follow. I emphasize a yin/yang yoga practice because it achieves balance in the body and mind. This harmony extends to all areas of our consciousness. I am not a follower in the six pack yoga routine, but go for it if you feel led to do so. You just will not find it here.

I participate in an IET share held monthly with Learn Reiki Philadelphia. I have started an Energy Healing share with people in Philly and from the New Jersey area. We welcome everything, from Reiki to IET to Vortex Healing to Pranic Healing to whatever is out there. We want it! Please email me if you want to know more. Let us build community around the healing arts!

Something Lighter: A Meme From Sandy

 All sessions can be done in Spanish as well. Please email me at blindurbanmellow@gmail.com for any questions or clarifications.

Thank you for visiting my site!

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